How a Data Analytics Boot Camp Kickstarted Douglas Oliveira’s Tech Career

For more than a decade, Douglas Oliveira worked in various forms of business and customer management. However, as he progressed in his career, he felt the need to gain more technical skills and set himself apart.

“I already had core business and analysis skills, but they were limited,” he explained. “To work with complex data sets, people also need a strong understanding of programming languages like Python, JavaScript, and SQL. I wanted to find a way to learn them efficiently.” 

In September 2021, Douglas decided to quit his job and commit all of his time to pursuing upskilling opportunities. He began his journey by enrolling in UofT SCS Data Analytics Boot Camp

Being proactive amidst challenges

Although Douglas enrolled as a part-time learner, he committed to the boot camp as if it were a full-time program. He was determined to enhance his skills — and dedicated much of his schedule to internalizing challenging material and practicing new skills whenever possible.

Throughout the boot camp, he learned a variety of tools that would help him better understand the complexities of data, including VBA, Python, JavaScript, and SQL. Although he had some prior exposure to a few of these languages, he’d never had the opportunity to study them before the boot camp. 

Quickly internalizing and applying lessons proved to be a challenge, but Douglas was determined to push through every difficulty, as he knew his hard work would be worth it in the end. However, he didn’t work through his challenges alone. 

“You’d be stuck with the curriculum sometimes and feel frustrated about moving forward,” he said. “But the instructor is available for exactly that reason.They encouraged me to contact them anytime — even past office hours — because they were invested in my success.” 

As Douglas continued to persevere, he found new ways to conquer challenges. Whether conducting an extensive Google search, reviewing his class materials, or watching a supplemental YouTube video, he learned the importance of resourcefulness and resilience. 

“The boot camp changed my life because, more than anything, it transformed my mindset. I became more confident when solving complex problems, and I still continue learning to this day,” he said. “With the skills that I attained, I feel like a new person now.”

Celebrating the fruits of his labor 

Douglas completed a variety of boot camp assignments connected to the real world. They helped him develop soft skills, such as presenting to stakeholders, making complicated data sets accessible, and helping to lead future analyses. 

For his favorite project, Douglas explored New York City bike-sharing data using Tableau, a data visualization software tool used for deep analysis and masterful storytelling. 

“I needed to learn how to effectively present information to prospective investors,” Douglas explained. “My team and I provided measurable results to convince them to help open a new bike-sharing business — that’s where my business background was especially helpful.”

After completing the program, Douglas landed a role as a data analyst intern for a telecommunications company. There, he creates data visualization dashboards and reports, leveraging his boot camp skills to supply the marketing team with valuable insights. 

“Because of my boot camp experience, learning has become significantly easier for me — whether I’m discovering a new programming language or a software tool on the job,” he explained. “I now have a strong foundation that I build on every day.”

A continued journey

Looking ahead, Douglas hopes to continue advancing his knowledge and eventually become a senior data scientist. He intends to stay up-to-date with both the data analysis tools that he currently uses and emerging trends that will influence the tech industry over the next decade. 

When reflecting on his own boot camp experience, Douglas advises current learners to be intentional with their time and remain committed to their career aspirations. He says, “Don’t wait to kickstart your career. If possible, do it sooner rather than later. I promise you, once you start, you can’t go back.”

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