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UofT SCS Boot Camps Classroom Experience

UofT SCS Coding, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, and UX/UI Boot Camps all give learners a dynamic learning environment that combines informative lectures with individual and collaborative team exercises. By working independently and in groups, you’ll gain multi-faceted experience that simulates professional working conditions.

Engaging homework assignments give learners a chance to utilize what they’ve learned and maximize their mastery of the topics covered in class. By immersing participants in a skills-based curriculum, we provide hands-on learning and insight into a “day in the life” of a full-stack developer, data analyst, cybersecurity professional, or UX/UI designer.

We provide an intimate class setting with a low instructor to learner ratio. In addition to our talented instructional team, participants have dedicated assistant instructors in the classroom to provide a supportive classroom experience.

I recommend this course for anyone with a passion for developing web applications. If you have taken any time learning on your own and found it a little overwhelming, I highly recommend signing up for this course as it will make everything clear and less cloudy for you and you will find your progress accelerating at a rate that will provide you much satisfaction.

-Allan, 2018 Coding Boot Camp Grad

Learners do all of their coursework via laptop, eliminating the need for books or additional class materials. Our course structure is broken up into three main groups.


Instructor-led discussions cover the history, usage, and background of a new technology or concept.

Lab Work

You’ll put the material covered in class into action by working on timed in-class exercises and projects.

Hands-On Projects

Class assignments focus on projects and applications that showcase your abilities across a wide range of technologies.

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