Going Digital: How This Marketing Pro Sharpened Her Skills in Just 18 Weeks

Lina Di Genova started working in marketing over 12 years ago after earning her advanced diploma in advertising from Centennial College. 

However, her digital marketing journey didn’t start until 2021. After leaving a marketing role, Lina decided it was time to level up and explore the digital marketing world — which is what brought her to UofT SCS Digital Marketing Boot Camp

“UofT is such a reputable school, and I thought putting digital marketing boot camp experience on my resume would be good for me,” explained Lina.

Balancing a busy schedule

By the time the program started, Lina had landed a new marketing position at the Canadian supermarket chain Sobeys. She hadn’t expected to find a job so quickly, but her new employers were excited for her to continue her education. “My boss was very enthusiastic about the boot camp,” said Lina. “Right away, they began looking for ways to apply what I learned to my work.”

Throughout the part-time, 18-week program, Lina was able to successfully balance virtual schoolwork with her full-time job. “I liked the hours, and I was able to attend all of my classes in addition to after-hours sessions,” she said. 

Looking back, she says that her instructor made all the difference. “Having one-on-one meetings with them was so helpful,” explained Lina. “They were really honest and transparent, and it was always easy for me to talk to them.”

Learning serendipitous lessons

Lina worked on several collaborative group projects throughout the program. For their final project, Lina and her classmates were tasked with designing and promoting a loyalty program using everything they had learned during the boot camp. 

Coincidentally, the assignment wound up aligning perfectly with Lina’s full-time work. “I’m currently working on transitioning to a new loyalty program at Sobeys,” she shared. “It was really helpful to bring my real-world experience into the boot camp, and to bring my boot camp learning back to work.”

Expanding her skill set 

While Lina was already familiar with most of the subjects discussed in the boot camp, she enjoyed the opportunity to expand her knowledge and sharpen her marketing skills. 

In particular, she especially appreciated that the boot camp allowed her to explore the different aspects of digital marketing. “Out of all of the areas of digital marketing, I found that I tended to gravitate toward SEO,” she said. “I was surprised to learn that I had a passion for that, and I was also surprised by how many different elements of digital marketing there are.”

Since completing the boot camp, Lina has received multiple LinkedIn messages from recruiters — but for now, she’s happy at Sobeys. “I’m looking to grow in general, and the boot camp has definitely opened some doors for me,” said Lina. “I’m glad that I did it.”

Paying it forward

Reflecting on her time in the boot camp, Lina recommends the program as a challenging and rewarding experience for anyone interested in digital marketing. 

Her biggest piece of advice for those considering the boot camp is to be prepared to work hard. “They do call it ‘boot camp’ for a reason,” she said. “There’s a lot of information covered in a short period of time, which makes it exciting — but you need to be organized.” 

Lina also recommends that learners take advantage of the career services support, whether they already have a job or not. “That team is good at what they do,” she said. “It’s not enough to gain skills and education. You need to know how to present those skills to recruiters, managers, or anyone looking to fill roles. Be open. Whether you’re looking for a new job or just want to improve your skills, I think the boot camp checks off every box.”

Finally, Lina encourages boot camp learners to use every available resource. “Talk to instructors,” she said. “Ask questions. Get help with your homework and make the most of your experience. Don’t be shy. Jump in!”

Ready to expand your skill set? Explore UofT SCS Boot Camps today. 

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